What’s a Beam Dolly and How do I Use One?

Beam Dolly for Hire

What’s a Beam Dolly?

Quite simply a Beam Dolly is like a trolley and can help move heavy beams from the kerbside to your job site.

How Does It Work?

It’s used for moving steel beams around single-handed. Once the beam is on the dolly it can be moved easily by one person without the need for a specialist machine.

Ideal for manoeuvering steel, concrete and timber beams.

Top Tips

  • Best suited for moving panels, boards, doors, windows, sheets of ply, glass, beams & steel.
  • Effortless transportation of beams and steels.
  • Are you wanting to lift more weight than a beam, then click here to find out more information on Genie Lift Hire.

Where can I hire a beam dolly?

So instead of putting strain on your back to move heavy items from the kerb to your job in a back garden…..take the EASY ROUTE and hire a beam dolly from us, from a day to a week or a few weeks. Call us on 07872 520816.

Remember we will deliver all types of machinery or tools across Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire.