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How to use a Stump Grinder and why do I need one?

How to use a Stump Grinder

Have you had a tree removed (and experienced the thrill of yelling out “Timber!”) and now have an annoying, stubborn stump that is preventing you from laying a new driveway or erecting that new fence? If you answered YES then NOW is the perfect time to rid yourself of those nuisance stumps using a stump […]

How to use a Turf Cutter and why do I need one?

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If you like HARD work you could remove the grass by hand, but this takes a lot of back breaking work with a spade. To do this you would need to make vertical cuts into the soil with a spade cutting the grass into segments, then slide your spade horizontally separating the roots from the […]

How to use a rotovator and why do I need one?

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Rotovators are strong, robust machines which use a set of blades which spin and break up soil in preparation for planting.  They are designed to be used in gardens and allotments.

Where you have hard and compacted soil a rotovator will assist you to break up, turn and cultivate the ground for laying new turf, planting vegetables and plants.