Trackmaster rotovator for hire


Rotovators are strong, robust machines which use a set of blades which spin and break up soil in preparation for planting. They are designed to be used in gardens and allotments.

Where you have hard and compacted soil a rotovator will assist you to break up, turn and cultivate the ground for laying new turf, planting vegetables and plants.

The first benefit to hiring a rotovator is that you’ll get a much finer soil than what you would achieve using handheld tools and the second is you will get the job done much quicker, and your back is going to give you a big thank you too!

The rotovator has tough blades underneath that rotate and churn over the soil, thus aerating the earth making it suitable for replanting. A rotovator can be used for churning soil on previously uncultivated earth and are best used in dry conditions.

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