Camon turf cutter for hire

Turf cutter for hire

Designed for removing the top surface layer of lawns by cutting consistent strips of of turf from gardens, parks, sites and other areas. This machine is ideal for using during gardening and construction projects, laying underground cables and pipes and installing artificial turf.

Turf cutters are very easy to operate. They have a slim and compact design, simple controls and adjustable anti-vibration handlebars for user comfort. When operating the machine, the blades cut through the top layer of turf, leaving 30cm wide strips that can be rolled up and removed from the ground easily, without damaging the turf. This means that work can be carried out, such as the installation of pipes and cables, and then the same turf can be rolled back out over the ground to bed back in. This turf cutting machine provides an extremely economical way of clearing and reusing turf saving you money on buying fresh turf at the end of the job.

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