Hydraulic Breaker Attachment

The hydraulic breaker is a major labour & time saving attachment when large amounts or extra thick concrete etc is in the demolition schedule.

We have hydraulic breaker attachments to suit any size Excavator.

For when a hand operated or electric breaker just doesn’t step up to the mark!!

Click on the link below to watch a video

Auger Attachment

The auger attachment is suitable for tasks such as sinking multiple fence posts.

It makes very light work of creating just the right size holes for such jobs, with various diameter auger bits.

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Lawn Rake Attachment

This lawn rake is ideal for:

  • Working smarter and not harder
  • Landscaping work – root out hedges and shrubs
  • Raking out topsoil for grass seed
  • Sorting debris from soil (plant roots or rocks)
  • Land clearance work
  • For these type of projects, we would advise hiring one of our mini diggers with the lawn rake attachment. This will allow you to work in areas where the soil is particularly heavy and sticky and where you want to separate plant roots, rocks etc. whilst leaving the soil behind.